Outdoor season local Competition for Russel at the Loughborough Open

Loughborough International 2023 (c) Bobby Gavin

Loughborough International 2023 (c) Bobby Gavin

Loughborough Sprint Series
20th April (Sat) – Loughborough Open

Loughborough Athletics announced the launch of a new sprint grand prix series at the Paula Radcliffe stadium on campus early this year with a series to kick off on April 20th and conclude with Loughborough EAP (World Athletics Continental Tour Challenger) meeting on 10th July.

Loughborough University
Epinal Way
Loughborough, Leicestershire LE11 3TU United Kingdom

With previous support in coverage of local and EU competing expenses for the athlete not being available anymore and uncertainty of continued inclusion in Malaysia’s Podium program, this was good news for the athlete already having to fund the majority of his own training costs and now competitions.

But it’s a necessity for all athletes to try and attain qualification times in set periods to have a chance to represent their country at internationals via local, regional, and national competition as well as some nearby European competitions.

So a chance to compete locally was ideal, coupled with the high standards Loughborough traditionally can offer for an open meet.

On to the race and it was a good win for Russel in first with a time of 21.32 for his second competition of this 2024 outdoor season.

1 5 Russel Alexander Nasir TAIB 1998 · MAS Senior 808 21.32
2 4 Harry Bryan TAYLOR 2000 · GBR Senior 814 LOU 21.38
3 2 Marvric PAMPHILE 1995 · LCA Senior 944 Rugby & Northampton AC 21.61

Russel commented ‘coming away with a win is a good feeling. It is my second race of the outdoor season so I can build on things from here and have a good 2024 outdoor season regardless of whatever challenges I need to overcome.’

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