100m & 200M for Russel in a return to the Alexander stadium

Alexander stadium BirminghamLast visited for his Commonwealth games debut for Malaysia in August of 2022.

8th May – Birchfield Harriers Midweek Open ONE Meeting 2024
ALEXANDER STADIUM, Stadium Way, Walsall Road, Perry Barr, B42 2LR

The Birchfield Harriers Cub is often cited as the UK’s Premier Athletics Club with many famous alumni Since 1877 Birchfield Harriers, and has been the home of thousands of aspiring athletes, with almost 100 Harriers having represented their countries at the Olympic Games. And the venue was the clubs home at Birmingham’s Alexander Stadium, England. The same track for Russel for his first appearance to date at the CWG made it an exciting chance to return to the venue.

This event although a Club meet open, has a Level 2 WA licence, and whilst other more costly events may have attracted the majority of elite nationally funded athletes of Russel’s calibre elsewhere, it was a good option budget wise for Russel having to cover his own competition expenses, with decent competition amongst the club runners and another runner similar to Russel representing international level with Netherlands athlete Mustafa Mahamuud.

Similar to last months competition the event also allowed both a 100m and 200m within an hour of each other to enable the 100m warm up for 200m performance strategy – however, as occurred last time, a repeat of technical issues for the organisers meant instead of the originally scheduled hour between races the 200m race was moved from 7.45 to a 9.40pm time on the day – thwarting that particular strategy once again. Russel commented “unfortunately with the long delays, affecting warm up, and then re-warm up whilst waiting for announcements of the changes, it could have gone better than occurred to keep ready” as the athletes waited on final confirmation of the race time. However as before variables on the day can happen and the athletes have to adapt in situation – all good experience to overcome the challenges that can be a part of any race day.

For the 100m’s it was second place for Russel by a whisker in 10.73 with Mustafa Mahamuud taking first by the narrowest of margins of 10.72 – and both perhaps feeling the flat 100 times were slower than both can attain, but no doubt with eyes on the 200m.

The 200m after the delays was a late night race in the end and the competitors lined up ready for the starters gun at 9.40pm.

For this one it was Russel in top spot taking first in a comfortable 21.26 in the end.

A good night’s work and a good contest for both, and no doubt great to add another competition for building towards each’s outdoor seasons objectives and targets this summer.

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