Gearing up for March Competitions

A chance to participate in the Queensland Athletics 2020-21 Hump Day Meet on 3/03/2021 for the men’s 200m gave a good opportunity for another run out before the Queensland State Championships next weekend.

The meet was populated with a good mix of Queensland’s athletic clubs greats, and good upcomers with great potential using the event to map progress and continue the competitive build-up.

A notable inclusion being Alexander Hartmann, Australia’s 200m man in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and current incumbent of the fastest 200m time by an Australian since 2006.

Russel executed the race effectively, and managed the run well, taking first place with another decent time of 21.32.

Men 200 Metre
Name Age Team Finals
Wind: 0.9
1 Nasir Taib, Russel 23 Maroochy 21.32
2 Hartmann, Alexander 28 Qut Athletics Club 21.55
3 Wong, Ashley 17 Qut Athletics Club 21.65


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