Relocation to Brisbane Australia

UQ AthleticsDecember 2016 saw Russ relocate to Brisbane Australia for the foreseeable future. This allows a more inclusive and intensive training schedule with Stacy Taurima and his squad and to look at opportunities for further education with a desire to attend University and study Sports Psychology. With close proximity to the training facilities and programs training benefits are already apparent. Check out the training wickets section in our video section in perfect sunny Brisbane conditions!

So it’s a fond farewell to Tasmania for now, thanks to all involved in the formative years, friends and supporters. Special thanks to Sandy bay Harrier Club, Hutchins School, and athletics coach Scott Goldsmith for assisting in Russ’s development not only as an athlete but in exemplary life lessons as well.
Russ will continue to endeavour to do you all proud both on the track and as a global citizen.

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