Competing for Malaysia at The Sydney Track Classic

The Sydney Track Classic is part of the World Athletics Continental Tour Bronze Label and another great opportunity to to have a run out against a strong field for the second major event of 2020.

Russel was given lane eight of the section 2 race for the Men’s 200m open and finished 3rd with a fast finish and a time of 21.30 (wind – 0.5).

The final standings from both sections: Finals

  1. Abu Ganaba, Anas NEW SOUTH WALES 21.13
  2. Hartmann, Alex QUEENSLAND 21.17
  3. Searle, Cameron VICTORIA 21.27
  4. Nasir Taib, Russel MALAYSIA 21.30

Another good competition and good progress with build up to the Australian Nationals in five weeks time.

Sydney Track Classic 2020

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