Proudly wearing my state Perak team colours

Proudly wearing my state Perak team colours“Team Taib has landed in Malaysia and had a good few days to acclimatise. Rus attended the spectacular opening ceremony of the 2016 Sukma Games, and has enjoyed meeting up with his Perak team members and coaches for training prior to the start of the track events. All going well and really looking forward to competing!

Good luck Team Perak!”

Russel’s Timetable:

27th July
9.30am semi final for 100
3.40pm final for 100

28th July
3.15pm semi final for 200

29th July
9.40am 200 final
4.05pm 100 x 4 relay final

(NB – schedules correct at time of posting but may be subject to change – any updates will be posted)

More information:

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